About HealthRules.org

The Purpose

Our mission is to help people prevent and reverse the underlying cause of disease by promoting healthy steps they can take every day. 

We seek to deliver a service that is largely absent elsewhere.  Most medical bodies assume you will have your disease for the rest of your life.  They are concerned with long term "management" of your diseases.  Most medical encounters are concerned with adjusting medicines or other medical interventions. 

Traditional medical care commonly miss the basic key steps, to change the lifestyle behaviors that are fueling these diseases. 

Traditional medical interventions can carry risk of serious side effects.  When the medical system is too aggressive with its therapies and studies, it can sometimes lead to overdiagnosis, medical error, and adverse side effects.

Medical drugs, procedures, and other traditional medical interventions absolutely have their place and can be life saving.  Any changes you make from the information on this website must be made in consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider.  

About Our Checklists

No checklist is perfect. A checklist that addresses every possible step will be too long.  We strive to include the most important steps that might be commonly forgotten, and get a list of items that is just right information and just the right length, in order to have maximum benefit.  

Our checklists are assembled from published checklists and guidelines from USPSTF and other expert panels published, scientific books UpToDate and published review articles, nutritionfacts.org and other scientific sources of lifestyle and related information, searches of PubMed and alerts from American Medical Association and American College of Physicians as well as our own clinical experience in helping people treat the underlying cause of disease.

Dr. Dave Donohue

HealthRules was launched by Dave Donohue MD (@WellDrDave) in October 2020.  Dave is a primary care internal medicine physician and a fellow of the American College of Physicians.  He was in the first class to become board certified in Lifestyle Medicine in 10/2017.  

Dave's mission is to help people live their best lives.  He wants to put himself out of business by helping people take power over their own health and avoid the deadly diseases that cut our lives too short and dominate health care spending.

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