Building the optimal steps to your best health.

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Health experts produce checklists based on science.

Each episode, we build a checklist for optimal health.

Each episode we will work with an expert in their field, someone who knows the science inside and out, and also has copious real-world experience helping people solve the very same problem.  

HealthRules draws from the wisdom and science of traditional allopathic medicine, preventive and lifestyle medicine, as well as sustainability medicine, which holds that the health of the individual and the health of the environment, are intertwined.

So the mission of HealthRules is to help people follow the steps that lead to greater health for themselves, their loved ones, friends, clients, patients, and the planet.  

HealthRules is brought to you by, where all of our recordings and checklists are posted.  

The fruits of each episode will be on a web page in  This page includes the checklist we built as well as other materials like a wall poster that you can order, a free printable handout to be given to your patient, client, loved one, or doctor for discussion.  It’s all free except if you want to order a printed poster you can do that also.


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